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This is a community of ordinary people, selflessly helping each other, a kind of the Global Fund of mutual aid. This is the first sprout of something new in modern soulless and ruthless world of greed and hard cash. The goal here is not the money. The goal is to destroy the world's unjust financial system. Financial Apocalypse!



                  How To Begin To Participate?

  • Who can join MMM?   

    Any person of legal age is able to join the MMM Community.
    The Community doesn’t contrast people one against another and doesn’t act on the principle of "divide and conquer".
    Everyone contributes to the common good. The participants are asked only to follow the recommendations and avoid benefiting from others.

    How to Register 

    If you want to be a part of the Community, you should register on the official MMM website or by one of Guider’s.
    To register in MMM you need to go to:

                                       What To Know On MMM 

    The modern world is bad. It is inhumane, unfair and unjust. This is the world of money. It is not for people. It is for those who who produce this money, for bankers and financiers, government and millionaires. And people are mere "pawns" in this game. They just serve them as attendants.Why do bankers work less and earn a hundred times more?What lies behind the social welfare? Labor. But why do bankers live a hundred times better than common people who really work hard? Do the bankers work harder? Definitely they don't! In addition they do not even produce any material values, as opposed to the workers. Why then the difference in income is so enormous?Many wonder with all sincerity now, reading this: "Well... a banker and a worker, they cannot be compared! The banker-the head of the Bank, he has power over money, and is well-connected. And we are ordinary people, having no power or clout. Naturally, the banker lives better than we do.Meanwhile, there is nothing "natural" here. The point is that everyone got used to this state of affairs and takes it as a matter of course. People believe that this is the way of the world, that a banker has to live better and it cannot be otherwise. But in reality things are different and the situation can be changed!!But yet, why? Why does the banker work less, but live better? Better than a factory worker, miner, oil rigger, or woodcutter? Because the banker has always got money. Exactly! It's all about money! MONEY! This is the whole point, the cornerstone! And about it, we should talk in more details.

    If money is a measure of labour, why is the world unjust?
    So, what is money? Have you ever thought about it? May be it is a calculation tool or a measure of labor? As we are told from childhood, we have to work, work and work, because money won’t fall down from the sky. It should be honestly and hardly earned! Everyone was led to believe it from the cradle . It's interesting, what would billionaires say to that, who honestly and hardly earned all their billions. It's ridiculous, isn't it?
    Well, we work without cease. But what should we expect in the end? Low wages and pensions, and no rest, but a constant struggle with debts. And half-starved old age... You have spent all your life, working for billionaires, you have been taken away all your power, energy and health, you’ve been squeezed like a lemon, and after that you’ve been just thrown into the dustbin as a write-off.
    Is it right? But that's the world. This horrific reality of the modern society. This is what we should all expect in the end almost certainly; everything ends up in this way for the vast majority of people in today's world. As it ended up for their mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers ... As it will end up, in the present state of affairs, for their children and grandchildren ... great-grandchildren ... Then, in their turn, for their children and grandchildren ... And so on ... That's the way of the world.
    Why? All of this is wrong, unfair! It must not exist! Why do some people have everything, but others have nothing? Why do some people walk in golden slippers, but the others barely make ends meet? They don’t know how to feed their children, although all of them “work honestly”. Why does it happen?! Yet we are all the people. We are "equal", aren’t we? Then why?!
    Because there is a lie around us. A huge, continuous, monstrous, embellishing lie. Do not believe anything that is broadcasted daily on TV by satiated and well-groomed masters of life.
    And people are not equal, and the money is not even a measure of labor. All of this is an insolent and shameless lie. We are surrounded by lie! And still most people trust it all and continue to live in the unfair and unjust world. Why do they cheat you? Just to make it easier to control you.
    Is everyone of us equal? It's nonsense!
    Imagine yourself as a billionaire now. Or even as an ordinary worthless member of the parliament. Are you equal? In what? You live in a different way, eat in a different way, and rest in a different way. In one day he spends more than you spend for a year! His wife is wearing underclothes more expensive than the whole wardrobe of your wife... He is treated in the best Swiss clinics. And what about you? His children and yours.. Have you compared? Well, where is your "equality"?
    Perhaps, you are equal in the rights, aren’t you? Oh, but we forgot about the rights. As it is written in the Constitution of different countries, isn’t it? But let's try to find out, what kind of “equal” rights do we have with oligarchs or bankers? Just a curious!
    The right to work? Well, we have such a right. However some really work for peanuts, whereas the others hardly do anything, earning millions and billions. Is it normal?
    The right to elect and to be elected? Hmm ... Well, you can elect, of course, you’re welcome. And what about "to be elected"? Here's quite different story. To take part in election campaigns you need a lot of money. And where is it coming from? You will never earn it as a typical worker. Therefore in government there are the people who have extensive financial stock. It's problematic to participate in the elections for an average person and there's no way to win.
    In fact, people are not equal in anything. A constantly progressing social inequality — here's the real picture!
    So, what is money?
    Now we move on to money. Of course, money is not any "measure of labor". These are fairy tales for idiots. Otherwise you would live like a lord. Or maybe you don’t work much enough? Unfortunately, money is just a tool to hold all of us in slavery. We are all slaves. Slaves of money. More precisely, we are slaves of those, who print money. They are our masters.
    In fact, nothing has been changed at all during all these centuries on Earth. We have been living so far in the slave-owning system, which has undergone merely external transformations. Everything has become just more civilized and sophisticated. If anciently slaves had real shackles — rusty and steel, then today they are merely invisible, though they still exist. We don’t seem to have them, and can go wherever we want. There are no shackles, we are supposedly free! However, things are different. It is money that is our shackles in the modern world.
    In practice none of us is free. "Freedom" is an illusion. Money — that's the point! We are really nothing without money. We need a home, clothes, food and cannot live in a cave and even to go hunting, we need money now. It is necessary to have money everywhere! Because everything around us is just for money. You cannot make a single step without it! But where can we find money? Maybe to earn it?



    wondered that it is immoral to trade yourself? That it is a kind of prostitution to sell your own strengths, brains, time... What is the difference from the trading your own body? Well, but you will object that people have to work. If everybody would stop doing his job, what’s going to happen then?! We will resettle in cave again, won’t we?
    That’s ridiculous. The same "convincing" arguments could be heard for sure in the slave society, when the slaveholders had been trying to make understand their slaves, who, for some reason, didn’t want to work for them, and asked different questions. And later, the same arguments the landlords told their serfs clearly and confidently: "After all, if you stop working, what’s going to happen then?! Our society will collapse! And we will die of hunger!!!"
    Yes, it is necessary to work, to create something useful for the society. Otherwise the society will degrade and die. But firstly, we have to work voluntarily, not for a bowl of soup and not only in order to survive; we have to do what we like!
    And secondly, while we are on the subject, once it is necessary to work — it is necessary for everyone. All people are equal, aren’t they? So let everybody work. The situation, when some people earn money (in the mines, at the factory, wasting their effort and health!) while others simply print it (sitting back and sipping an exotic cocktail), is abnormal. Such a situation is not acceptable in principle. And there are no "explanations" and excuses to this state of affairs. Absolutely!
    Money is just a paper, candy wrappers, which is not backed by anything tangible and, according to that, money is simply printed unrestrictedly, to anyone's heart's content. And then these candy wrappers are distributed among the slaves (among the likes of us) as "wages for labor". When we are given an extra wrapper (our salary is increased) — we are happy. Are you shocked? Alas, that's our bitter reality.
    The whole financial world is a pyramid!

    financial world organized? It is a pyramid. The Fed the U.S. Federal Reserve System is at the top of it. The Fed creates dollars. How much? As much as they want! Of course, Fed adhere to some of their own internal rules and regulations; they try, for example, not to create too many dollars to prevent complete devaluation of the currency, and etc. But in principle the Fed can create as many dollars as they want. At least, there are no any external limitations for that. Absolutely! The U.S. Fed is guided solely by the reasons of expediency.
    The lower levels of this global pyramid are the central banks of different countries; all other local national banks are situated on even lower levels. (Of course, all of this is slightly simplified, but in general everything reflects an overall picture). Actually, why do we need banks? Speaking figuratively, banks play the role of blood vessels in the social organism. Through these vessels the money (blood) from the heart (the Central Bank) enters all its organs. Money (blood) wash these organs, it brings life to them!.. Such an interesting comparison :-))
    In which connection dollars are mentioned here? And what relation does the Fed have to us, ordinary people? Basically, the most direct relation! After all, dollar is the global currency. No one Central Bank can print its currency in desirable quantity without permission of the U.S. Fed! It is out of question! By no means! As soon as some country supplied its resources to the USA for a billion dollars (exchanged its actual raw stock for a wagon of colored pieces of paper with the pictures of great American presidents), then it will be allowed to print the local currency in the amount of billion dollars. Now it is permitted, and this is the only way. Otherwise, such a country will be turned out from the IMF, its currency will become inconvertible and so on. In short, the measures will be taken immediately.
    And yet, why does a banker live better than a worker? We still have no answer! He prints money, and a worker, for example, builds houses or works in mining industry. It is also very important. Does the banker work harder and give more benefits to the society? Of course not. Then why does he live better?

     interesting question in addition. I have been working and working, completing the whole plan, with a clear conscience, daily — from morning to night, for public benefit. As it seems, I have been doing my best. But anyway I can’t pay off the loans. And all my friends are in the same situation. Is it normal? It is obviously wrong and unfair! This is eternal credit bondage. Why do we always owe money to anyone? Why are we all-time bank debtors?!
    In short, they make fools of the common people. As usual — nothing new. The rich take advantage of the fact that we, simple hard workers, don’t have time to figure out all these tricky schemes, we have to feed our families. That’s why they take advantage of this situation.
    How do banks deceive people?
    Let's figure out quietly and without haste. But you have to strain your brains. It's not easy to unravel in a couple of minutes those things which have been tangled during the centuries by the best sophisticated minds of mankind, seeking only wealth accumulation for their personal needs.
    Let’s make an example. Let it be a Adam and Steven. And let it be Leonard, a banker of Adam and Steven. They both keep their money in his bank. Adam really wants to buy ….well, let's say, Steven’s bicycle. But he has no money. More precisely, he has money, but not enough — only $10, while Steven wants as much as $100 for his precious bicycle. That is a problem!

    What is Adam going to do? He gives Steven his $10 as a deposit and asks not to sell the bike to anyone. He says that he will bring the remaining sum soon. In the meantime he runs to his bank, to the respected Leonard, to get a loan for the missing $90.
    As ill luck Leonard has no money at this moment, but he knows perfectly about $10, which Adam gave Steven. And where will Steven bring this money to? That's right, he will put these $10 in his lovely bank, to the same Leonard. Therefore Leonard asks Adam to come back tomorrow. In the hope that tomorrow he will get these $10.
    And everything happens in this way. The next day Steven brings $10 to the bank, the bank provides Adam these $10 on credit. Adam immediately gives them Steven, who again puts them in a bank, the bank again provides Adam these $10 on credit, etc. As long as Adam the fool will gather enough money for the bicycle.
    So what do we have in the end? Adam finally got the bike from Steven, but at the same time Adam owes $90 to the bank (Leonard), and the bank, in its turn, owes $100 to Steven.
    In other words, those $10, which were existed initially, have magically turned into $200 ($190 of debts plus real $10)!


      (But these $10 would also turn into a thousand dollars. Even in a million or a billion! If the purchase was more expensive. In that case our $10 would make the increasing number of its cycles, circuits from hands to hands. That's just the procedure!)
    So, what happens in today’s world!? It appears that banks also "draw" money without problems?! Not only Fed can produce money, but the banks either! And in fact, these banks multiply money without any control! And we're still wondering, why does the banker live better? Is it clear now, why? The one, who produces the money, of course, lives better!
    But this is not enough! From this moment poor Adam will never be able to repay his debts owed to the bank! No matter how hard he would work. Now he is in slavery to the bank, in credit bondage forever. Because those $90, which he owes to Leonard, do not exist in nature! At all! Sly Leonard made this money out of nothing; he created them out of thin air! Just one click! And $10 turned into $200.
    Yes, but you can object reasonably that the bank itself owes $100 to Steven. And it turns out, that bank is in credit bondage to Steven and it won’t be able to repay its debts owed to Steven either. So where is the bank’s profit? What's the trick?

    Ha! You ask what the trick is! This trick is in the fact, that bank has a lot of such "Stevens", thousands and millions, and they will never come for their money all at once. If one Steven comes, the bank will return him the money of ten other depositors, that's it. It means that the bank’s debt is neither dangerous nor burdensome. In fact, bank’s debt is virtual, it exists only on the paper or in the computer program. It will never be repaid in reality. Only in case of panic it happens, when frightened "Stevens" suddenly come for their money — all at once! Or maybe you know any other reason why banks go bankrupt from time to time? Here's why. Because there is no enough money for all depositors! There is a 90% of thin air in the bank vaults.
    Thus, the bank is OK. It sails before the wind. We don’t need to worry about it. But our Adam has serious problems now. He has to repay all the debts owed in bank! Completely!! Moreover with interests and, possibly, penalties. He will be forced to take new credits in order to repay the old ones. Then again the new loan… and again... and again… endlessly, until his death! And there is no way out of this credit running knot. It does not exist in principle! That's it! Trap has been slammed. Now Adam is a perpetual debtor of the bank. He is a slave. From now on he will work for the bank for years on end... Until he dies. But still he won’t repay the debts. And after his death his children and grandchildren will work for this bank. They all are the future servants of banks. More precisely, they are servants of this inefficient and unfair global financial system, which spawned this ruthless and inhuman mechanism. And this mechanism must be finally destroyed.
    A new fair financial system will be established!

      Financial Apocalypse! That’s the only thing that can break our financial chains and save us all. Release us finally from the continuous slavery. Everything old will burn in its fire and the new will appear. The Fed will be removed from power and will no longer develop social inequality. The banks as they are now will simply disappear. They will stop robbing the people. In fact the banks do not produce anything useful. What useful can they do? Give credits at plundering interests? As a result all the population is burdened with debts.
    Why do the banks get interests for the credit at all? Have you ever thought about it? Usury was always despised by all nations, and now it is legalized. Why? If a person takes a loan in the bank, then not for nothing, but to do something good, to realize some project. But he applies his efforts for the welfare of the society including bankers. Making something useful for all of us. We should encourage such people, making discounts but not collecting from them huge interests!
    Nevertheless, modern banks were created for other purposes. They aren’t interested in the society but in their own goals. People aren’t important for them. Modern banks are loyal servants of the Fed, hypocritical agents, misusing the products of labor of common people. The current financial system is merely destructing us. And it will continue attacking us, and then our children and grandchildren. It will get even worse if nothing changes. We will destroy the existing financial system and build new — fair and honest! We have no other choice. We are not slaves. We are people. And we choose freedom!

    And this freedom is almost here already. Now, thanks to MMM financial Apocalypse is inevitable. Unavoidable! Since now it’s just the question of time. The seed was dropped. And it would grow. It’s already growing. Right now, at this moment! It will not perish!
    What does MMM stand for?
    MMM is a Global Mutual Aid Fund, World people's Bank, Financial Social Network — or any definition whatsoever. The point is not in the title. The bottom line is that this is a voluntary informal association of millions and millions of people throughout the Earth, rebelled against the financial slavery, chose to declare war against the Fed and banks. (And to win this war!!) And for this aim they have consolidated their capital — even though there are small amounts, owing to a great number, that is millions of people, it's already the power. Awesome and invincible power, growing every day!
    Well how do banks exist? Thanks to bankers? Billionaires? No, due to the same ordinary people who deposit their modest savings there. MMM takes the wind out of banks' sails making people see the reality. Why do the people bring their money to the banks at the exorbitant interests? Because they have no other choice. Banks are monopolists: there is no other place to bring money to. All banks are just the same, and controlled by the FED. They simply destroy ordinary people.

    And now we have an alternative — MMM! It’s something close to our hearts! Here people help each other. Today you help and tomorrow you will be helped. It’s the main principle of MMM. Do you really want bankers to buy another limousine or house for your money? You should not become another slave. Better join MMM and your money will help those who really need it! Poor people, retirees, disabled people…Woman with many children. Love thy neighbour! Help him.
    It’s a kind of common storage box where people save their money and then take it when needed. The amount you need at the certain moment. (They do not steel but namely take money)!
    Actually, people don’t need a lot of money. They need consciousness that they have it. Confidence in tomorrow’s day is what everybody really needs. It is just MMM that gives this confidence! It gives a feeling of partnership, that you aren’t alone! At the difficult moment you will never be abandoned but you will always be helped and supported! MMM is a unit of new society, brighter and better. New world, where there won’t be money. Current money. Where everything will be otherwise… Fair and honest. Where there won’t be any slaves or owners. Where everybody will work for their own pleasure and for the whole society. Where Good will defeat Evil! It will be so! There are no doubts!!



    1. Who can join MMM?

    Any person of legal age is able to join the MMM Community.
    There is absolutely fair equal treatment to members of different ages and social groups, work status and political backgrounds, countries and religions.
    MMM Nigeria can join any person who lives in Nigeria or has Nigerian  ID (a government issued documents with a photo).

    2. How to register in MMM? 

    If you want to be a part of the Community, you should register on the official MMM website or by one of Guider’s.
    To register in MMM you need to go to 

    MMM-Nigeria website [ ] and click on “Registration” button in the upper right corner.

Fill the registration form as shown on screenshot:
(Fields marked with * are required)

  1. Enter your name (or a nickname).
  2. Enter your e-mail (preferable mailbox is
  3. Enter your mobile phone number
  4. Create your password
  5. Retype created password
  6. Enter an invite code of a participant who invited you MMM (if there is any)
  7. Enter your Guider’s email (Not required field, please fill if you know a Guider and want to be a member of his team)
  8. Enter numbers from the picture.
  9. Necessarily read the WARNING and check the box that you accept it.
  10. Click on “Registration in MMM” button.

 Once you have completed all required fields there will be a congratulation message on your screen. And also instructions what to do next:

  1. Go to Personal Office’s website.
  2. Read about how to successfully participate in MMM.

3. What is a “Personal Office”? 

Personal Office is a personalized section of the site, available for registered members. Through Personal Office you can:

  • Provide and Get Help (“buy” and “sell” Mavros)
    • See how your Mavro’s grow
    • Create “letters of happiness”
  • Register newcomers and manage their Personal Office (if you are Guider)
    • See your referrals and team
  • Get in touch with:
    • The Support Team — if you need to solve Personal Office issues
    • Your Guider — if you need any advice or help
    • Contact transfer Recipient or Sender — if you need to clear something up about transfer
Make personal settings
  • Edit your personal Contact info
  • Change Privacy settings
  • Add your bank and BitCoin`s accounts
  • Сonnect mobile devices to be able to use Personal Office on a tablet or a smartphone
  • Change your Referrer and appoint Confidant
  • Change Personal Office language and time-zone

4. How to login into Personal Office? 

In order to access your Personal Office:
➔ You need to go to or
➔ Also you can click on “LOGIN TO MMM” button in the right upper corner of the MMM-Nigeria official website.

 You will be redirected to a page as shown on screenshot:

  1. Enter numbers (or letters) from picture.
  2. Click on “Login” button.
A login-to-system page will appear.
You can choose your language from the dropdown list.

  1. Enter your e-mail (or the phone number).
  2. Enter Password (created upon registration).
  3. Click on “Login” button.
You are logged in your Personal Office.

 If you haven’t registered on your own, but asked your Guider or online consultant to do that, then log-in procedure is different. In this case:

  • Open email message from MMM that was sent to your email address after your registration. If you can not find it in your Inbox, please check your Spam folder. The email message looks like this screenshot.
  • Follow a Password Recovery link.

  • You should see a page as on the screenshot. With your email and recovery code already inserted automatically into related fields.
    If you do not see such page, please close the window and follow the recovery link from the letter for the second time.
  • Create a strong password (make sure that the hint became green, that means the password is strong enough). Use small and capital letters, numbers and special characters. Your password must be at least 8 characters.
  • Retype your password.
  • Click on “Change password” button.

    In the opened window:
  • Enter your email.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click on “Login” button.

5. How to recover a password for Personal Office?

If you have forget your password or want to change it, follow "Get a new password" link.

  • Enter your e-mail address or your mobile phone number which you specified during the registration.
  • Click on "Send a request" button.

A message with a link to recover your password will be sent to your e-mail.

Following that link in the “Password Recovery” letter you will be redirected to the “Change Password” page, where your Recovery code will be already inserted automatically.
  1. Create a strong password (make sure that the hint become green, that means the password is strong enough good). Use small and capital letters, numbers and special characters. Your password must be at least 8 characters.
  2. Retype your password.
  3. Click on “Change password” button.
Congratulations! Your password has been changed.

6. How to add an Account in Personal Office?

In order to Provide or Get Help in the MMM Community (“buy” or “sell” Mavros), first you need to add a personal bitcoin or bank account in your Personal Office.
  1. Click «Accounts».
  2. Click «Add».
  3. Enter your account data:
    1. for Bitcoins please use this instructions
    2. for bank account please use this instructions
  4. Click on “Save” button.

Congratulations, your personal account has been added.

If you want to check or edit your account:
  1. Click on "Accounts"
  2. Choose the account by clicking on it (color changes to yellow)
Also you can:
  1. edit account
  2. remove account

7. What is “Mavro”?

Mavro is a conventional unit for measurement of provided help to other participants in MMM.
For example, if a participant has contributed 10,000 NGN, he receives 10,000 Mavro-NGN. The amount of Mavros in a participant’s Personal Office shows a maximum amount of help he can get.
For example, if a participant has 50,000 Mavro-NGN, he can get 50,000 NGN. The amount of growing Mavros and progressive calculation of help amount can be seen in “Mavro” section of your Personal Office.

8. How to Provide Help (“buy” Mavro)?

You can “buy” Mavro by Providing Help (transferring money) to another participant:
  1. Click "Provide Help" on the dashboard in your Personal Office.
  2. Read WARNING about risks related to the participation in the system.
  3. Tick the box.
  4. Click on "Next" button.

  1. Choose a way to transfer funds:
    1. Bitcoin network (via BTC)
    2. Local bank institution (via Naira)
  2. Click on "Next" button.

  1. Enter an amount you want to contribute.
  2. Click on "Select" button.
The maximum amount of a contribution is limited to 2,200,000 NGN per participant. This amount includes previously contributed amounts together with interests, which will start to be accrued on a day of creating a request for providing help.

  1. Enter amount for each type of “deposits” (if applicable).
  2. Check the box if you want to get a registration bonus. (Available only if it is your first request for Providing Help)
  3. Click on "Next" button.

In the appeared window carefully check all details of your request.
  1. Enter characters from the image.
  2. Click on “Next” button.

After successful completion of all steps above, you will see a notification that your request has been added. Click on “Ok”.

  1. The created request will be in queue to be processed by a dispatcher (automatic program).
  2. In a short time there will be an Order appearing on your dashboard that you need to complete (to transfer your funds). You may receive one order or several orders for amount of your request for “Providing Help”. If you choose Bitcoins (not option “Other Bank”), you must transfer the exact amount in Bitcoins (not the amount in NGN).

Each order includes the following information:
  1. Period of time remained to complete transfer.
  2. Transfer amount.

When you press the area of the Order (or on “Details” in the lower right corner of it) you will see:
  1. Transfer amount.
  2. Details of a recipient's account for transfer
  3. Recipient's phone number to contact in case of difficulties with transfer. Your contact number as Sender.
  4. If you chose Bitcoins in your request, in your Order you will find instructions how to transfer Bitcoins.

You should make every transfers on time. In case of difficulties with a transfer, a recipient and a sender can get in touch with each other via chat (if a phone of one of the participants is not available for some reasons).
  1. Press “Messages” in the upper right corner of an Order.
  2. In the opened window type your message.
  3. Your can add a file if necessary.
  4. Click on “Send”.

After you have transferred money, you must show a recipient that the transfer was completed. He will be able to confirm receiving of your funds after you send a transfer evidence.
How to send an evidence of transfer:
  1. Click on the blue button with the triangle inside.
  2. Click on link “I completed this payment”

In the appeared menu, you should attach a screenshot or photo of completed payment transaction.
You can make a screenshot:
— with PrtScr button (next to F12 button of your keyboard). Press PrtScr. After that an image of your screen will be sent to the clipboard. Open the program for processing images (the simplest one is Paint). Select “Paste” in the program menu or Ctrl+V. Save the image on your computer.
— with a specialized software (LightShot etc.)
  1. Click on the button "Browse File" to attach a photo or a screenshot.
  2. Write a comment if you want.

Click on “Next” button.

After that Order’s icon become half green.
Once your recipient confirmed the receiving of funds, the icon will become fully green. And your Mavros will become confirmed.

If the transfer has not been made timely, or you refused to do a transfer without a valuable reason, your account will be blocked automatically. You will be notified about it in Personal Office.
In blocked mode the only available operation in Personal Office is contact to the Support Team.

After creation of a Request for Providing Help, check your Personal Office and email daily. So you will be aware about new orders for transfer and could prevent your account blocking for any possible reason.
For example. If you can not complete an order for any circumstances, make sure to write your reason to the Support Team:
  1. Click on blue button.
  2. Click on “I refuse to make money transfer”.


9. How to Get Help (“sell” Mavro)?

In order to Get Help (“sell” Mavro) click on the appropriate button ("Get Help") on the dashboard of your Personal Office.

  1. Select already registered account to Get Help (if you want to add a new one better use Accounts menu).
  2. Click on "Next" button.

Choose one of your existing accounts and click on "Next" button.

In the opened window you can see:
  1. — maximum amount of Mavros available to withdraw.
  2. — a leftover, as withdraw amount has to be multiple 100.
  3. — total amount for current withdraw.
Take follow steps:
  1. Click on “all” to withdraw maximum amount of specific mavro-account.
  2. Enter any amount less than maximum amount of specific mavro-account.
  3. Click on “Next” button.

Check your amount for withdraw and click on "Next".

Created Request for Receiving Help appears on your desktop in Personal Office.

If you click on active Getting Help Request, a popup window will open where you can verify details once again. In the Getting Help Request you can also see the amount of Mavro for sell.

After creating your Getting Help Request you should wait for orders to be displayed on your dashboard. You will be able to see information about participant(s) who will transfer funds.

Appeared orders on your Dashboard will be of yellow color. After a sender confirmed that funds had been transferred, make sure to check your account. You should confirm a receipt of funds only when you see them in your account.
When a sender confirmed sending funds but you did nothing with an order, after some time the order’s icon will become yellow with a question mark.
When you click on this icon there will be two options:
  1. confirm the receipt of funds
  2. inform that the funds are not received.

If the funds are not received, after an investigation of Security Department this icon will become red with a cross.
It means that the order wasn’t completed. Such icon will appear if a sender didn’t confirm timely that the funds were sent.
In case of described situations the dispatcher will create another order for you with another participant to send his/her help to you.

Confirm orders only after making sure that the funds were received on your bank account or bitcoin wallet!
If funds are received and you confirmed receipt of funds, then this icon will turn green. It means that help has been successfully provided!

Keep in mind that you can extend the period of payment for 24 hours, if necessary. If a sender is not able to meet a standard requirement for 72 hours for banks or 36 hours for bitcoins, you can give him additional time to complete this order. In order to do that:
  1. Сlick on the icon.
  2. Click on 24 hours extension.
Always report to the Support Team if you notice any unusual activity. FAQ: How to get in touch with the Support Team?

10. How to write a “Letter of happiness”?

As soon as Help was received (money for "sold' Mavros), every participant has to write a "Letter of happiness". A form for creating such letter will appear automatically when you confirm your receipt of funds. Later it will be published in “Testimonials” section on MMM Website.
How to create a “letter of happiness”:
  1. Write your text with:
    — your status (ordinary participant, Guider, Guider-100, etc.)
    — date of providing help
    — amount of provided help
    — date of receiving help
    — amount of received help
    — any additional relevant information.
  2. Attach a screenshot or a file with confirmation of funds receipt.
  3. If you attached a wrong file, you can delete it.
  4. Insert a link for your video.
  5. Tick the box if you want to get additional bonus for video.
  6. Сlick on “Send”.
You can read about additional bonus for video in FAQ: What types of bonuses can I get?.

11. Who are “Referrers” and “Referrals”?

A “Referrer” is a participant of the MMM Community who invited another participant by using “Referral Link”, “Invite” or directly registered in Personal Office.
A “Referral” is a person who was invited by “Referrer”.
If you registered a new participant in Personal Office or he registered by himself using your “Invite” or “Referral Link”, then you’re his/her “Referrer”, and he/she is your “Referral”.
You can see a list of your referrals in “Participants” section of your Personal Office.
A referrer gets a referral bonus of 10% on for every amount of provided help by his/her referral.

12. What is a “Referral Link”?

A referral link enables MMM system to identificate who has invited a person to MMM.
If a person comes to the MMM website through your referral link, after registration he automatically becomes your referral. Afterwards, you will receive Referral bonuses from all contributions your participant makes.
A referrer can’t be changed, however in case you registered without referral link you can state your referrer manually in 7 days from the moment of the registration.
How to find your “Referral Link” in your Personal Office:
  1. Click on “My Page” menu.
  2. Click on “Referrer” tab.
  3. Click on “Show my referral link” button.
  4. Select and Copy your “Referral Link”.
It will look like:
  • The blue part is the link to the main page of MMM Japan official website.
  • The green part — your invite (if you don’t set the invite, here will be your email automatically)
  • Between the site url and your invite there are the following characters “?i=”. Pay attention to them, if you will create your referral link by yourself. For example, you can create a link, that will lead directly to the registration page —
    or to the testimonials page —

  • 13. What is an “Invite”?

    An “Invite” is an invitation code (a unique set of letters and numbers), which can be use for invitation into the MMM Community.
    • A person, who entered your “Invite” in the relevant field during registration, becomes your “Referral”.
    • You will get a referral bonus 10% on the new money that your referrals helped with in the Community. [For more information check Chapter 16 (Referral Bonus)]
    How to create your invite:
    1. Click on “My page”.
    2. Create and enter your Invite.
    3. Click on ”Save” button.

    There are many ways to attract new members by using invite. Use your personal creativity and imagination.
    The most popular methods are:
    — handing out business cards with written invite;
    — distribution of leaflets and booklets with written invite;
    — writing messages online (online forums for advertising and shopping sites, personal sites and blogs);
    — social network activity (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, etc.).

    14. Where can I post my Referral Link?

    Use referral link in different web resources, social networks, text messages, signatures, etc.
    Here are some examples:
    Facebook! You have a wide area for creativity — messages, posts, comments, photo comments.

    Forum. Almost at any forum you can create your own topics and make comments on anybody’s post.

    Twitter. Here are a variety of ways how you can promote your referral link.

    You can also spread your link through SMS/MMS.

    You can post your link anywhere. Use your personal creativity and imagination.

  • 15. Who are “Guider”, “Trustor” and “Confidant”?

    A Guider is a rank. He has a right to get a Guider’s bonus when he builds his team. Such person can answer any question about participation based on his experience and knowledge of the MMM Community. A participant choose his Guider by himself. The Guider has NO access to the participant’s Personal Office.
    If the participant does know how to make operations in Personal Office (create requests, process orders), he can appoint his Guider do it on behalf of him. The participant who appoints is called a Trustor. Appointed Guider is called a Confidant.
    If you are Guider and Referrer of one participant at the same time, you will get only referral bonus 10% (the maximum bonus in MMM).
    There are two ways to establish Trustor-Confidant relationship:
    • The Guider registers the participant through Personal Office and during registration process states that he is the Confidant of this newcomer.
    • The participant appoints his Guider as his Confidant in Personal Office:
      1. Click on “My page” menu.
      2. Click on “Guider” tab.
      3. Click on “Make my Guider my Confidant” button.
      4. Don’t forget to click on ”Save” button.
    Trustor can start to operate his Personal Office by himself at any time. Trustor can annulate Confidant status at any time.

    For safety reasons the most important operations (change of account information for Getting Help, creation of Requests, confirmation of receiving money) are conducted only through a confirmation code sent in SMS to the Trustor.
    In addition, the Trustor will get the corresponding sms when his Confidant creates “Get Help” or “Provide Help” requests. For example, the sms with a recipient’s account information.
    The Confidant can switch to Trustor’s Personal Office inside his own Personal Office.

    16. What types of Bonuses can I get?

    In addition to 30% Mavro growth per month participants can get the following bonuses:

    Registration Bonus

    +20$, +50$ or +100$.
    When signing in participants are granted with the bonus from $20 to $100. Definitely, this money is given to participants who are making their first contribution.
    • +$20 if your contribution is from 11,000 NGN to 109780 NGN. This bonus is frozen for two weeks. If you take out your contribution earlier, the bonus will be cancelled.
    • +$50 if your contribution is from 110,000 NGN to 660,000 NGN. This bonus is frozen for one month.
    • +$100 if your contribution is 660,000 NGN and more. This bonus is frozen for one month as well.
    About freezing: it means that if you withdraw your money earlier, you will lose only the registration bonus whereas your contribution with all interest accrued will be paid to you.

    Referral Bonus

    +10% from a contribution amount made by each member (referral) you invited to the System.
    The Bonus is paid in Mavro 30% which may be taken out as soon as the referral has provided help and got his Mavro confirmed.
    You can invite a participant through a referral link or MMM invite (code word). You will get the bonus from each referral’s new contribution, but only for “new” money.
    For example, if he provides help of 10,000 NGN you will get 1,000 NGN bonus. If after that the participant takes out 15,000 NGN and then provides help of 20,000 NGN, the bonus will be credited only for difference between input and output i.e. for 15,000 NGN (10,000-15,000+20,000=15,000). In total the bonus will be 1,500 NGN, but not 2,000 NGN.

    Guider’s Bonuses

    +5%, 3%, 1% and 0,25%.
    There are four levels of bonuses in MMM-Nigeria.
    The bonuses is paid in Mavro 30%.
    You may take it out 2 weeks after your referral has provided help and got his Mavro confirmed.
    It works like Referral Bonus. Guider's bonus is paid only for ‘new’ money.
    In the MMM System you have the opportunity to become somebody's Guider. Participant choose his Guider on their own. Guider don’t have real authority over participants.
    • 5% — for those who appointed you as their Guider
    • 3% — for those whose Guider is the participant who appointed you as a Guider
    • And so on.
    For example, A appointed you as his Guider, B appointed A as his Guider and C’s Guider is B. It means, you will get 5% for A’s contribution, 3% for B’s and 1% for C’s. If someone is under C, you will get 0.25% for him.

    Referral’s bonus (10%) and Guider’s bonus (5%) from the same contribution do not add. It means that MAX bonus equals to 10%.
    • 10% Referrer gets for his referral
    • 10% Referrer/Guider (same time) gets for his referral
    • 5% Guider gets for the first level participants of his group.

    Bonus for the video in a "Letter of happiness"

    +5% or +3% of the amount of the received help. Each participant is obliged to send the "Letter of happiness" after receiving help. If the letter is accompanied by video (a link for published video in an open source of internet), then the participant will get a relevant bonus. The bonus is added for the video in each "Letter of happiness."
    • 5% of the amount of the received help will be accrued if the video will show your face and voice, and of course, provide the proof of money receipt.
    • 3% of the amount of the received help you will get if you provide the video confirming the withdrawal, which will not show you personally. You just demonstrate on the screen your personal office of MMM and your evidence of getting help in the form of bank statements from your bank account or from the Internet banking or your Bitcoin wallet.
    The bonus for video is paid in Mavro 30% and frozen for one month. If during this period you decide to remove your video form an open source of internet, the bonus will be cancelled.

17. How to participate in MMM safely?

The system has the Security Department to track frauds and monitor the proper development of Japanese market. It monitors the integrity of participants. Security Department has rights to require a copy of your passport or a video record with explanations of your actions if you are suspected of committing deliberate manipulations. If your guilt is proven, you will be excluded from the MMM Community. Remember that all participants in MMM is a single entity, therefore the Security Department is not working on behalf of individual personalities and solely acts in the interests of the whole Community.
In case of your blocking for suspicious activity, you need to write to the Support and attach a photo or ID scan to verify your identity. In case the participant hasn’t violated the rules there’s nothing to worry about. He will be unblocked and the ban won’t affect his Mavro growth in any way.

Regulations on relatives

If a referral is your relative, the sum of his/her contribution has to be less or equal to yours. For example, you made a contribution of 100,000 NGN and invited your relative to the Community. The relative can’t provide help which is more than 100,000 NGN. If your relative wants to contribute more money than you did, he/she should register through the registration form on the official site without any referral link. It means that your relative shouldn't be your referral to have the right to contribute more money than you did. The participants who invent various suspicious schemes in order to get more benefits will be blocked until further fact-finding.

Multiple accounts and identification of accounts

MMM is the Community where people trust and help each other. That’s why it uses a principle — “only one account for one person”. Accordingly each participant has to have own unique Bitcoin wallet or bank account. In MMM System you are allowed to add several bank accounts to your personal office. However, note that these bank accounts have to be registered in the name of only one person – you. Accounts must have the same name and surname. In that case, if you add to your office accounts that are registered in the names of different people, you are automatically recognized by the system as a fraud and your account will be blocked. It refers to bitcoin wallet as well – the participant can have a few of them as well. You have the right to request help to be sent to any specified Bank or bitcoin wallet of yours. Also it is prohibited to share your bank account and Bitcoin wallet with other people!

Penalty for creation of multiple accounts

A participant that created multi-accounts will be blocked. He will be charged a penalty (amount of provided help minus withdraw amount) on all his accounts.

Penalty for using referral schemes

Referral scheme is when one person or group of people register several times so that one or group acting in collusion will receive more benefits. As a result all participants will be blocked and charged a penalty.

Punishment for using one bank account for several participants

If different members’ accounts have one bank account or Bitcoin wallet, such accounts are also considered as multi-accounts. Such accounts will be blocked and charged a penalty.

Other account blocking cases:

  1. Refusal to transfer help on a pending order.
  2. Providing help untimely .
  3. No confirmation of funds receipt.
    In this case there is a moratorium imposed until transfer’s circumstances are clarified. The moratorium means inability to get help.
  4. Multiple accounts are registered on one device (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.).
    In this case there is a moratorium imposed until accounts owners verify their identity or fraudulent schemes are detected.
  5. Funds transfer to different accounts from one Bitcoin wallet.
  6. Registration and login into Personal Office from different accounts, but with one IP-address or from one device.
    In this case there is a moratorium imposed until accounts owners verify their identity or fraudulent schemes are detected.
  7. Inactivity in Personal Office over a period of 2 months.

Answers to frequently asked questions on accounts blocking:

Question: Is it allowed to use two accounts’ Personal Office from two PCs is in one local area network? Different devices use one IP address.
Answer: Yes, it is allowed.

Question: IIs it possible to use a mobile phone to log into my Personal Office using with a 4G traffic and manage my account?
Answer: Yes, it is possible. You should use the MMM mobile application from the official website.

Question: II often travel on business, so I will use different IP addresses for one account. Can my account be blocked in such a case?
Answer: In this case your account won’t be blocked. If you go abroad you should notify the Security Department via “Support” button.

18. How to get in touch with the Support Team?

  1. Click on“Support” button in your Personal Office.
  2. Click on "Create".
  3. Select an appropriate category from the list.
  4. Specify your question.
  5. Clearly describe your situation.
The Support Team operators do not see your Personal Office, thus point out all necessary information — Order and Request numbers, your Personal Office login (email), the sender and receiver contacts and so on.
  1. Attach any relevant files as proofs (if necessary).
  2. Click on "Save".

You can create a ticket on any issue.
  • A created ticket will be displayed in the ticket list.
    You should wait for an answer from the Support Team. When an operator responds to your ticket, a notification will appear beside your ticket.


19. What to do in case of unforeseen problems?

Question: What should I do if a recipient doesn’t answer or confirm the transfer?
Answer: You should create a ticket for the MMM Support team:
  1. Click on the “Support” button.
  2. Click on “Create”.
Detailed instructions how to create a ticket you can find in FAQ How to get in touch with the Support Team?

Question: I’ve created a Request for Providing Help, but a sender does not transfer funds.
Answer: Every sender has 48 hours to complete his transaction. If you don’t receive funds within 72 hours, the Community will find another participant to provide help to you.

Question: A sender indicated that the transfer had been completed and attached a screenshot as a proof, but I didn’t get money.
Answer: Get in touch with the MMM Support Team. Create a ticket with description of situation. If the participant really didn’t send money, he will be blocked and you’ll be provided with a new sender. Keep calm.

Question: I can’t see captcha. What should I do?
Answer: Try to refresh the page using F5 (or Ctrl+F5). If nothing changes try to use another browser or check the configurations of the browser you currently use (the browser should support JavaScript and display images). Sometimes Captcha can’t be seen while the website is under maintenance. If nothing helps, ask your referrer to register you. In that case you don’t need to enter any captcha.

Question: Why didn’t I get Referral or Guider’s bonuses?
Answer: Referral and Guider’s bonuses are credited only for “new” money.  For example, if he provides help of 10,000 NGN you will get 1,000 NGN bonus. If after that the participant takes out 15,000 NGN and then provides help of 20,000 NGN, the bonus will be credited only for difference between input and output i.e. for 15,000 NGN (10,000-15,000+20,000=15,000). In total the bonus will be 1,500 NGN, but not 2,000 NGN.
In some cases referral and Guider’s bonuses can be credited with 2 days delay. If you wasn’t credited with bonuses more than 2 days, contact the Support Team.

Question: I’ve forgotten/ I want to change my password, but I didn’t receive any message to my e-mail with password recovery. What should I do?
Answer: Check “Spam” folder. If you really didn’t receive, request it again. In other case, contact the Support Team. Your identity will be verified and your password will be changed.

Question: I’ve created a ticket to the Support Team but I haven’t received any feedback. I’m worried...
Answer: Don’t worry. The Community Support Team has a lot of tickets due to a rapid MMM development. Your request is in a queue. You should wait for a while.

Question: I’ve completed the registration but I haven’t received any message to my e-mail. Why?
Answer: Check “Spam” folder. If it isn’t there, try to request password recovery at the page Nevertheless, if the problem hasn’t been solved, register using another e-mail.

Question: I haven’t got a bonus for “letter of happiness”. Why?
Answer: Probably your letter was not approved yet or was rejected by a moderator. If your letter was rejected, as a rule the moderator writes the explanation. If the moderator has checked the testimonial and there aren’t any comments and bonus hasn’t been credited, get in touch with the Support Team.

Question: I have confirmed Mavros, but I can’t withdraw them. Why?
Answer: You should have not only confirmed, but also unfrozen Mavros. Every type of Mavro has different color. Green Mavros are available for withdrawal (“selling”), blue ones are frozen, red ones  are unconfirmed. If your Mavros are green, but you can’t create “Get Help” request more than 24 hours, contact the MMM Support Team.

Question: I can’t login my Personal Office.
Answer: Sometimes, Personal Office can be unavailable for maintenance works. Try again later.
If you can’t login for a first time with your e-mail and password, it means you didn’t successfully registered. Register again with same or different data.
In some cases your account could be removed (for example, for 2 months inactivity).
If you can’t login into your Personal Office because of the forgotten password, use a password recovery procedure (How to recover a password for Personal Office?).

Question: My account was hacked! What steps should be taken?
Answer: Change your password immediately! Inform the Support Team and your Guider about the incident. If you detect a created “Getting Help” request and created order, inform the Support Team and send a message to your sender asking not to transfer money.

Question: I want to “buy/sell” Мavros (created a Request), but see no Order(s) in my Personal Office.
Answer: An Order creation can take up to 3 days. The System looks for receiver/sender to match your request. You should just wait. If you waited for more than 3 days, contact the Support Team.

Question: Account details of receiver are are not correct or missing. What should I do?
Answer: Contact your receiver by phone or via chat in the order. If there are any problems with it, inform the Support Team.

Question: My Mavros in Personal Office became negative. Why?
Answer: Negative Mavros appear when you are charged with a penalty. You could be charged with a penalty for a violation of the MMM Community rules. If you don’t agree with the penalty, contact the Support Team.

20. What to do if I can’t access the Personal Office website?

If you can not access the official MMM website or Personal Office for any reason, try to:
  • Use different mirrors: or
  • Open it with another browser. We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Clear cache of your browser
  • Check your firewall or antivirus programs
If it doesn’t help, use extensions that enable to avoid blocks such as:
These applications are easy to use and compatible with the most popular browsers — Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
You can also use TOR browser. You can read about TOR and download it here.

with my mobile devices?

You can use mobile devices for your convenience.
  1. To read MMM News you can use the mobile version of the site.
  2. Click on button to use mobile version of your Personal Office or follow the link

Here are the screens of mobile site and mobile Personal Office (mobile app):

22. How to create a Bitcoin wallet?

It’s very easy and simple to create and use wallets on
Follow the link
  1. Click on “Wallet” button
  2. Click on “Create a new wallet” button

  1. Enter e-mail.
  2. Enter password.
  3. Confirm the password.
  4. Click on “Continue” button.

Write down, make a screenshot or print the mnemonic password (in the red square on the screenshot). It will help you to recover your password if you forget it!
Click on “Continue” button.

  1. Enter your password.
  2. Click on “Open Wallet” button.
(Don’t forget to put down your identifier)

This is your Bitcoin Address (Bitcoin wallet).

24. How to transfer Bitcoins to receiver?

Login in your blockchain wallet.
  1. Click on “Send Money” button
  2. Enter Bitcoin address of receiver.
  3. Enter amount of Bitcoins.
  4. Click on “Send Payment” button.

Now you can see your transactions here: